In a global market, intellectual property right is the main asset of any company. Trademarks specifically have the purpose of identifying the goods and services of any industry in addition to representing the capital gain of the business. As in other states of the United States, Puerto Rico has an office.

Puerto Rico Trademark Act

TTBA in the Beverages Industry


The 21st century poses countless challenges for Puerto Rican society, among which is a change in the perception and treatment of animals. For the past few years, the world vision on animals has changed dramatically; animals have become an essential part of our lives.

Animal Protection and Welfare Act


One of the main modifications is the extension of the 20% tax credit on payments to Above-the-Line nonresident talent. Accordingly, this credit will be also available for producers, directors, writers and any other Above-the-Line individuals, provided that their services are rendered in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Improves its Film Industry Incentives Program

Puerto Rico Film Industry Economic Incentives Act


The Act grants independent and specific protection, not only for celebrities and public figures, but also for private individuals, whose persona has been used for commercial purposes without his or her consent.

Puerto Rico Right of Publicity Act Protects Private Individuals


Although it is lawful to use publicly available information through the social media, employers should exercise caution to reduce potential claims.

Employers Should Exercise Caution to Avoid Potential Claims